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Quotes If you haven't already, check out all the great stuff this website has! They have awesome codes and templates that you cannot find anywhere else and they even made a custom template for me for free! This site is amazing! Quotes

Quotes FindTheCode is awesome to make your site unique among other competing websites. The thing that gets me is the quality of the codes they provide! Quotes
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Quotes Best html/css/javascript codes on the web Quotes
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Quotes Css,html, and everything else we webdesigner especially for noobs like me so i give from a scale 1 to 10 i give 15 Quotes

Quotes Thanks for everything you have on this website. I would just like to say that you helped me a lot; so thank you. Quotes

Quotes CSS coding.... HTML... javascript.... what does this website not have?! NOTHING. This website is simply amazing. Thank you FTC for the continuing support... Quotes

Quotes 11/20/2011 Two years ago I came to When I first published at Webs, the one thing I wanted to change was the small icon beside the 'Sign in or Register' links below the Members Area. I really disliked not being able to change that icon as I thought it looked unprofessional. For two years I tried to find the CSS code that would allow me to change that little Icon, but to no avail. I visited 'Find The Code' for the first time searching for the CSS code that would allow me to finally get rid of that pesky icon. And, I found it along with several other 'hard-to-find' codes I've needed. The code is named, "Change the Div Login Module". It's free and works great. I liked the idea behind this website so much, I offered my assistance in any way that would be beneficial. Carter took me up on my offer and made me a Moderator. My thanks to him for not only coming up with the idea but bringing 'Find The Code' to fruition. John Van Quotes
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